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Bymnamvets Apr 17, 2016

Updates for Veterans

VETERANS ON THE HILL  On Wednesday, March 16th a number of Veterans’ organizations met at the St. Paul Armory to hear talks of legislation

Bymnamvets Apr 17, 2016

Commander’s Update

Hello everyone!  The Minnesota AMVETS State Convention is only two months away.  I am asking the AMVETS members of the State of Minnesota to of

Bymnamvets Aug 10, 2013

Posts – Get Your Own Page!

Hey there MN AMVETS posts!  you can have your own post page on the Department website! Do you want to be able to maintain your own page and sho

Bymnamvets Aug 10, 2013

Welcome to MN Department of American Veterans (AMVETS)

Welcome to our updated website. You are invited to visit us often, as we will be updating the site with information of interest to all Minnesota